My name is Caroline. In 2019, I told my daughter Mika that she was very depressed because she lost the dog that accompanied her for 14 years. During that time, she cried every day without eating or talking. I know it hurt her.

In the past few years, I have been looking for gifts to make my daughter happy. After reading thousands of articles, I finally saw an article called "The Dog's Last Gift", a gift that moved my daughter to cry, and a gift that made her happy.

This is something I dare not think or forget:

I took Bobby home. When I first saw him, he sat there quietly. It was a wonderful few minutes, and it made me think it was him. That was the first time we raised such a big dog. Golden Retriever really had a headache when they were young. He demolished our house, tore up the papers, and made a mess of the room. When he was 6 months old, I was pregnant and he became sensible. He quietly accompanies me every day, resting his head on my stomach. After her daughter was born, she also liked this big furry dog very much. They spent their childhood together. time flies. When the daughter grew up, she attended a boarding school. Bobby saw her less and less. My daughter always said to take him out to play, but there is always a lot of homework. The dog will accompany her to complete the homework together. When my daughter went to boarding school, the dog always lay quietly at the door waiting for her to come back.

In 2019, my daughter finally has a holiday. She has time to take Bobby to play on the lawn of her favorite park. Because of work, I planned to see it later, but something went wrong. They were walking on the road and a big dog rushed towards my daughter and bit my daughter’s foot. When her daughter panicked, Bobby bit the dog in order to protect her daughter. Finally, the big dog was seriously injured and Bobby was also taken to the hospital.

Unfortunately, Bobby is getting older and his injuries are too serious, causing many senile diseases. Finally, the doctor told me that he was leaving us. We knew it was time to say goodbye. We thank him, say goodbye to him, and apologize to him. The daughter can't control her emotions. She cried and said, "I'm sorry, if it wasn't to protect me, you wouldn't be hurt." He listened to his daughter, put his paw on her daughter's hand, as if to comfort her, and then Bobby closed Eyes, left this world.

This incident seems to have become a shadow in my daughter’s heart. She always feels that she has not fulfilled her promises, and she feels very self-blame that this is her own reason. She no longer cries, no longer mentions Bobby, or even no longer goes Bobby’s favorite park, I know she’s escaping and I know that she blames herself every day, so I want to give her a special gift. I have read a lot of reviews and recommendations, but they can’t achieve the effect I want. Until one day I saw an advertisement for dreamspainter, let me know that they can fulfill my dream and make up for my daughter's regret!

I prepared 2 photos: Bobby and my daughter Mika.

The dream painter told me that they would use oil painting to complete my dream, make up for our regrets, and keep the person who wants to keep the most, so that he will always be happy by my side.

After my daughter received the painting, I opened it with her.

After seeing the oil painting, my daughter’s tears flowed down uncontrollably.

My daughter said: This is the best gift I have received. You see how happy Bobby is. He finally went to his favorite little park.

I also think this is the best gift in my life. It made up for our family’s regrets. I put the oil painting photos on social media and customized oil paintings for friends in need that are important moments for them. I I also hope to help more people without regrets.

Come and customize an exclusive gift for the one you love, and let the love pass on!

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