Our Story
We started in an Indianapolis studio from 2011. With devoted 200 artists who are some of the respected professionals in the industry, we began to paint professional portraits for clients. We custom-make exclusive compilation portraits, which gives clients a chance to stitch multiple photographs together into one portrait.

To make the most precious

moments in life eternal.

Portraiture can be priceless because it tells audiences the story behind the subject. When our clients choose to paint, they make decisions about what to remember in their life. DreamsPainter intends to deliver something more than just hand painted portraits but an experience that honors some of life’s invaluable memories.
Core Values

Spread love

make the world a better place with painting brushes

Positive service

happily offer the best customer service to clients

Care with heart

deeply care about customers’ perceptions towards us

Create imaginative portrait

top-ranking designers and artist are here to work with clients

Quality deliver method

fast and safe delivery service for the art work

Welcome collaboration

build our team with an increasing number of artists and influencers

Our team
Our art team is composed of devoted painters who are some of the most respected professionals in the industry. You can choose any photo from your life and one of our executive painters will paint it into an oil portrait. We provide free unlimited revisions as customer satisfaction is always out first priority.
Design Department
Our professional digital designers combine different objects together, compose the photo, and choose a background. They engage with the art work at the first place and add more values on the photos in various ways. After all, creativity allows people to view things more openly and with innovation.
Artist department
With devoted 200 artists who are some of the respected professionals in the industry, we proudly provide our service. Many of our professionals have over 10 years career-related experience. They are responsible for providing unlimited revisions and satisfying art work for each client. Our artists impress and inspire the world with their painting brushes.

When placing your order, pay only 30%

The balance will be paid only after approving the online proof of your painting

Satisfaction Guaranteed or 100% of Your Money Back