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When Jessy was four years old, he knew deeply that he was passionate about art, especially color. In his eyes, color is the primitive of all things and can construct all things in nature. His first painting was his landscape painting, which perfectly explained his artistic style which is full of vitality and color.

Jessy has loved the works of Leonardo Da Vinci and Auguste Rodin since he was a child, because his works are also influenced by them. Jessy has high artistic attainments. He uses paintbrushes to express the truth, goodness and beauty of nature and real life, and enthusiastically praises the happiness of life and the beauty of nature. He believes that painting is the highest state of art, and he created three-dimensional portraits of characters in advance before leaving nature. He can accurately grasp the "most beautiful ratio" and "the most beautiful line" and construct a perfect painting, making everything appear extremely real in his works.

In addition to being good at drawing, Jessy also likes carving art in his free time. He is talented and is a perfect painter.

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